If you are at all like us, you love to shop and you love a good deal. That is why we're so excited about the two newest stores coming to Pensacola!


BJ's Wholesale

Have you ever wanted a store that has everything and has it in bulk? That is what BJ's is. It is a fantastic warehouse filled with books, food, electronics, movies, kayaks, and all sorts of supplies! Are you looking to get 10 boxes of browny mix and the latest flic? BJ's is where you'll want to be.

This is a club store much like Sam's Club, membership starts at $55 a year. 

The new BJ's will be located in University Plaza, replacing where the Sears used to stand.


Check out their website! https://www.bjs.com/


Five Below

This may be one of our favorite stores (especially with all the college students in town). This store is fantastic for decorating your home, getting essentials for a party, school supplies, birthday gifts, and more! 

This store will be located on Airport by the Marshalls and opening this Fall to accommodate all your trinket needs!

Check out their website! https://www.fivebelow.com/

We look forward to having these additions to our community! We're excited about the jobs it will create and the positive economic growth that it signifies. These companies are choosing to invest in Pensacola, how about you?