There is always a reason to clean and there is always a reason not to. The main reason to clean is that things are dirty. The main reason not to clean is that it is time-consuming. So the key to a clean home is to use some hacks.


I think the worst thing about cleaning tile is the grout. Sometimes it feels like there isn't a food way to clean grout. It feels like no matter how hard you scrub or spray it is still dirty. So what is the solution? A toothbrush. By combining scrubbing bubbles with a toothbrush. 

1. Spray the scrubbing bubbles on the tiled area you would like to clean.

2. Immediately use a new toothbrush on the grout areas.

3. Wipe the tiles down with Windex and paper towels. 


I don't know how the fridge gets weird goop in it, but it does. The problem with cleaning out the fridge is that there never seems to be a time when it is empty enough. For this project, all you need is a calendar and some Clorox wipes. 

1. Set a reminder for the day before you buy groceries.

2. Throw out all leftovers.

3. Throw out all old foods.

4. Move everything off the top shelf.

5. Clean the top shelf.

6. Move everything to the top shelf.

7. Wipe down the rest of the fridge.



The couch is probably the most utilized piece of furniture in a home. Because it is such an important part of the home, it needs special attention.

1. Grab the shop vac or your regular vacuum. 

2. Pull the cushions off the couch.

3. Fabreez the cushions tops and bottoms.

4. Vacuum the interior of the couch.

5. Vacuum the cushions. 

6. Flip around the cushions on the couch for a fuller seat.


With these tricks, your home can have a brand new feel. It is the little changes that make the biggest difference.