It is HOT HOT HOT this week. It is one of the great things about Florida, it is almost always great weather for the beach. But the hot weather isn't a friend to us all. 

The problem with the heat is that when we are inside, we're running our AC the whole time. Most units can keep up with the increased usage but not all. Some units start to lag behind and in weather like this, you don't want that. 

Maintenance of the AC unit is really a monthly process. There are a lot of small things that can go wrong with an AC unit. Many of the issues with the units can be prevented with minimal effort. The number one AC issue isn't even with the unit itself. It is the filters!

A dirty AC filter can seriously damper the effect that AC has on the house. To prevent failure at critical times, AC filters should be changed out at a minimum of every three months, although it is better to change them out every month. The problem is that it can be a real pain to go to the store every month, and you might forget about them if you just buy a bunch. Sometimes you don't know what the MERV should be. 

So what if there were a service that could help you maintain your system year round so that it works great during the summer? What if a company mailed you the filters you needed on a monthly or trimonthly schedule? That service exists! It is called Filter Easy. Filter Easy is a web-based company that cuts out the middleman and ships you the filters you need when you need them.

Check out the website here:

Take the future of your heating and cooling system into your own hands and check out Filter Easy today.

Whether you use this service or not, it is very important to have a schedule for your filters.

Pro Tips: 

1. Write yourself a recurring reminder on your digital calendar. That way you never miss a change.

2. Write the date on filters before you install them so you can keep track of the recently changed ones.

3. Make sure you change them right before significant weather changes in the summer and winter. 

Let us know your pro tips in the comments!