Five Steps to Starting Your Home Search

You just got that big promotion at work. Maybe you just graduated college. Perhaps you are simply looking for a change. Whatever the case may be, you now find yourself ready to move. Sometimes in our excitement, we miss some of the fundamental steps to finding a new home. So now what you want to know is where to start. Here are five simple steps to starting your home search.

1. Location

An important step to making a move is to identify where you want to be. Some people may want to be closer to work and others may want to be closer to city features like local shopping or clubs. In either case, it is all about location, location, location. Make sure you take some time to identify the areas in which you would want to live.

2. Budget

Whether you find yourself buying or renting, identifying what your goal monthly payment is matters. When creating a budget try to keep your housing costs under one-third of your monthly income. Defining a budget allows for you to see homes that you can realistically afford.

3. Buy or Rent    

Decide if you want to buy or rent. Many people are averse to buying because of the large price tag. However, monthly payments on a mortgage are often less than rent on comparable houses. So what really matters is how long you intend to live in a particular home.

4. Features

Pick what features of a home are most important to you. Some people absolutely must have that gourmet kitchen, and others insist that there be space for an in home office. Try outlining exactly what you want in your home, ranking items by need, want, and convenience. This saves you a lot of time and potential buyer’s remorse.

5. Cost

Your final step is to calculate the actual cost of living in the dwelling. In any home, you will need electricity, water, and insurance. The larger the home the larger the price tag on the cost of inhabitance. So consider the cost before you commit.
Even with these suggestions, house hunting may seem daunting. We at Realty Masters are here to help you through all the steps of the moving process! Contact our office or one of our agents at (850) 453-9220, and we’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have.