Homeowner’s Association: Dream or Nightmare?

A good homeowner’s association may be your ticket to living the white picket fence dream or nightmare. Every HOA’s purpose is to create and uphold standards. For some people, this is the answer to their dreams of living on a street where every home is in their ideal condition in a style they like. For others, the idea of living in a community where they are told what color they can or cannot paint their door seems absurd. So what are some of the different advantages and disadvantages of an HOA?


-Standards that every person is expected to uphold
-Higher home values
-Additional perks including playgrounds, pools, and community activities
-Upheld standards and consideration for any issues addressed


-HOA fees
-The approval process for repairs on a home (roof replacement, painting, or even paving a driveway)
-Less desirable as a rental property

Living in an HOA is not for everyone. Many people simply do not care for the imposed. There are people, however, who find that the HOA requirements are extremely reasonable and enjoy living in close communities. Before deciding where to live, research the different rules for the HOAs in your area.

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