There are tons of wonderful things about living in Florida but one major thing we have to prepare for are the bugs. So here are a few tips and tricks to secure your home from pests.


  1. Make sure the seal around your windows and doors are solid. Replace any seals that are worn or broken.

  2. Dry up any water and fix leaks. Pests such as roaches are attracted to wet and damp areas.

  3. Spray the doors and windows of your home with pest deterrents such as Raid.

  4. Clean all dishes immediately and don’t leave any sitting in the sink for extended periods of time.

  5. Try to keep the temperature in your home down as most pests are attracted to warmer areas.

  6. Make sure all your food is sealed.

  7. Manage all cracks and holes in your home so that pests are not able to enter.

  8. Find a local professional to treat your home.

    1. Tombstone:

    2. Terminix:

  9. Sweep brush and leaves away from your home regularly.

  10. Spray peppermint oil throughout your home. This is a natural way that will repel insects.


Do you have any tricks or tips to keep pests out? Comment below!