Everyone says that Pensacola is a great place to invest in property but does anyone really tell you why? Well, we want to!

The Tenants:

Pensacola is an excellent area for investment for many reasons. But the first and foremost reason may be that it is a military town. Military families often rent because they are only going to be in an area for two or three years. This is a great asset to owners because it means that you can get two or three-year leases. By having longer leases, you are reducing costs by eliminating potential turn over costs. 

Pensacola is also an excellent investment because it is a college town. There are several notable colleges in the Pensacola and Milton areas. Because of the colleges' locations, students are often looking for homes in Pensacola. Turnover rate may be a little higher but by renting to students you are ensuring that there is a self-renewing pool of possibilities. 

Another reason to invest in Pensacola is the retired community. Many people decide to retire in sunny Florida and that gives owners yet another pool of ready and willing renters. 

The above mentioned are the majority of renters. However, there are a few more categories or renters that fill Pensacola. Renters who are trying out an area, habitual renters who just enjoy renting more than the idea of owning, and people moving into the Pensacola in the growing gentrified areas. 

The Area:

Not only is Pensacola great because of the potential tenant pool, but it is great because of the area. The area is really what attracts the tenants. Pensacola is surrounded by gorgeous waterways, the ocean, beautiful parks, and a lively city. When it comes to amenities and places to go, Pensacola has everything! 

Surrounding the immediate area there are great attractions like the zoo, awesome restaurants, shopping, escape rooms, and every amenity that vacation life requires. 

The Lifestyle:

The final, and most compelling reason to live in Pensacola is the lifestyle. When you create a space for people to rent in Pensacola, you're giving pole the opportunity to live the vacation lifestyle. From the beachfront properties that offer days in the sun to the community properties that offer community BBQs. 

The Conclusion:

When it comes to choosing an area to invest in, Pensacola has a lot to offer. If you're considering investing in the area give us a call, we'd love to help you find that perfect property.