What it is:

The Nest is a thermostat that can be programmed by your phone but can also program itself. The thermostat quickly learns what times, and how often you change the temperature in your home. Also, the compatible app is on your phone, alerting your system when you are away and switches the system to a preset energy saver mode.

How it Works:

The smart thermostat will show a blue screen when cooling your home or a red screen when it is heating. The screen on the thermostat will turn off when not in use to conserve energy. When you want to turn it on, all one has to do is walk past, or wave your hand over the device.

Nest Thermostat


Finally, the Nest is not limited to just telling you the home temperature. Because it is wifi enabled, the nest can tell you the weather, the time, and even keeps a record of the energy saved.

Right down to the installation, the nest was designed with simplicity in mind. The average installation time for a Nest is 30 minutes. If you are looking for a fast way to start your smart home transformation, try the Nest.

Learn more at the Nest website.