Summer in Pensacola is always something to look forward to. Throughout the year the city has different exciting events but they all seem to culminate in the summer. Not only are the events geared towards the locals but they also bring in tourists from across the country. Some of the things to look forward to this summer are music festivals, car shows, seafood jamborees, Blue Angel exhibitions, and so much more!

Out of the hundreds of beaches in the United States, Pensacola Beach ranks #15. We are the perfect family tourist destination because we have things going on all year round, we aren’t as crowded as some of the other top beachfront destinations, downtown is trendy and fun, our beaches are pristine, and our locals are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Pensacola isn’t just a top tourist destination, it is a great investor’s market. Currently, there are less than 200 available properties for rent, there is a growing demand for more vacation rentals, and opportunities to flip homes across the area. During this time of year, more people are renting and selling while their children are out of school making the summer market HOT.


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