Tips for First Time Sellers, Showing Your Home to Prospective Buyers

Showing your home to prospective buyers can be difficult when you don’t know how to go about the whole process. Don’t forget that it is one thing to show a prospective buyer a home; it is another thing that such a buyer takes action as expected. You could really make a mess of the whole thing if you haven’t done it before, so here are some tips for first time sellers.

This post is aimed at helping you impress prospective buyers. The following tips are simple but beneficial for first time sellers.

Tips for First Time Sellers #1: Check the Temperature

The temperature of your home can either make a prospective buyer comfortable or put them off. You don’t want the latter to happen. Just ensure that the thermostat should be reading between 72 – 76 degrees for a comfortable showing. The reason for this is for your prospective buyer to feel the difference between being in a home and outside of it.

Tips for First Time Sellers #2: Consider the Kitchen

The kitchen is an integral part of any home and giving it due attention is crucial is this process. It is important that you check the condition of your appliances and furniture. Are they in good condition or do they need replacing? Also, arranging the kitchen to look more aesthetically pleasing is a great idea when trying to entice a prospective buyer.

Tips for First Time Sellers #3: Check for Smell

The last thing that you would want to do is to drive your prospective buyer away with bad odors. A good old fashion deep cleaning is the best way to go about resolving this. Focus on areas such as carpets, rugs, cottons, kitchen etc. Ask a close friend or relative to stop by so you can “borrow their nose”. They might be able to smell things you can’t since they don’t live there. Using an air diffuser or baking cookies before your prospects come to look at your home is also helpful.

Tips for First Time Sellers #4: Bathroom Appearance

This is one aspect that can help to sell your home faster if considered greatly. Check the plumbing aspect and that everything is neat to make a positive impression on your prospective first time buyer. Also make sure to remove any dirty laundry and to take out the bathroom garbage.

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