The Competition

If you're selling your home, you're in a competition. The competition is between the home you're selling and all the other homes on the market. So what will make your home stand out? Things like location and floorplan of the home will be important to buyers, if your home meets those needs then you just need to show them how. 

The Opportunity

Staging a home is an opportunity to show people what the home could look and feel like if they lived there. Here are my top three tips for staging.

1. Pack any personal items and clutter

Family photos, your kid's art projects, those magazines you like; pack them all. A major part of selling any home is making the buyer see it as their home. It is hard to see something as yours when it is clearly someone else's.

2. Re-arrange the furniture

Minimalism is the key. If you have bulky furniture you can do without, a tv you can put in storage, or anything that would open up space, you'll want to put it away. The fewer things filling an area, the larger it will feel. Additionally, this is another way for someone to be able to figure out how they would fill the space with their belongings.

3. Bake some cookies

Finally, my favorite staging technique. Bake some cookies right before the showing. This will have two effects, your home will smell warm and inviting and you'll have a nice treat to welcome potential buyers. You would be amazed at the effectiveness of some chocolate chip cookies!

So pack up, tidy up, and bake your way to the sale of your house.

What are your favorite staging tricks? Let us know in the comments!