What Makes Pensacola So Great

Pensacola may not be for everyone. However, if you are one who wants to enjoy wonderful warm weather, some of the best beaches in the world, a rich culture and history, and some of the most affordable cost of living in the country, then the Gulf Coast is where you want to be! So what are some specifics about the area that make it so appealing?

Scenery and Activities

Let’s start with the first and most obvious attraction, the beaches.

Anytime I’ve traveled to another city and mention to someone that I’m from Pensacola, I can always count on hearing “I LOVE Pensacola Beach!” Who can blame them? We are home to the largest protected national seashore in the country. Our beaches are nothing but miles and miles of sugar white sand. The sunset is like something you’d see in a painting. And the weather allows you to enjoy the beach in almost every season.

Also, we aren’t home to any fancy amusement parks, so if you’re trying to meet Mickey Mouse, keep on trekking south. Here on the coast we just simply go outside and enjoy the outdoors. We regularly have free concerts on the beach and in our town square, festivals galore, air shows, museums etc.

Cost of Living

I lived in Atlanta for about a year before I decided to move back to my old stomping grounds of Pensacola. In Atlanta, everything was a lot more expensive than what I was used to. You’re practically paying to breathe in that city. But when I moved back home all the savings added up pretty much immediately.

Pensacola is historically strong in regards to affordability, and price-to-income ratio. Housing affordability in this area is an indicator of the economy and housing market. Pensacola homeowners spend an average of 8.1% of their income on monthly mortgage obligations with the national average being closer to 14%. More reserves and higher disposable income should reduce the number of future foreclosures and increase the growth of local economy.

Not only could I afford to eat again, but I could afford fancy meals in the beautiful and historic downtown Pensacola. I wasn’t spending 95% of my income on bills and taxes anymore, so I started going to baseball games at the glorious Blue Wahoos stadium, in other words, having fun.

Pride for Service Members

As if people aren’t friendly enough here, you can’t forget the military. With all five service branches represented in Northwest Florida and a plethora of military bases, tens of thousands of service members and veterans call the Gulf Coast home.

Among the several military bases in the area are Pensacola Naval Air Station (NAS) and Eglin Air Force Base. NAS is the home of the Blue Angels, the U. S. Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron and known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation,” NAS is the initial primary training base of every U. S. Naval aviator, flight officer and enlisted air crewman. Eglin Air Force Base, is the largest air force base in the world and home to the 96th Air Base Wing and the 33rd Fighter Wing with the largest fleet of f-35 fighter jets in America.

You’ll find many veterans memorial parks and monuments located in towns and on the roadsides all throughout the region. Northwest Florida military bases have always played a major part in America’s defenses, from the Civil War through the present and we certainly take pride in that.

The People

World of Beer in Downtown Pensacola, FL

With the bigger/small town vibe of the area, you can kiss the stress of the big city goodbye!  For some reason, the people here are just friendly.

If you’re considering relocating here, be prepared to be smothered with sincere manners and hospitality.

Striking up conversation with just about anyone is likely. A complete stranger will ask you how your day is going and mean it. Just to warn you in advance, your face may hurt from smiling.

Not ready to take the plunge and relocate indefinitely? Then take baby steps and plan a vacation to see what we’re all about. You won’t be disappointed!

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